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Bocan Project Advising

What is BRI Project advising?

At Bocan Residential Improvements, we desire to complete your land or home improvement projects; meeting with you to envision the possibilities of your improvement projects, and then completing the work for you.  However, if we are unable to fit you within our construction schedule, we can help guide you through your own home improvement projects with our project advising program.  We understand the obstacles and difficulties that a home owner can experience when trying to complete home improvement projects; from envisioning the project, knowing what a project should cost, and working with contractors.  

Through our project advising we offer you as the homeowner the ability to work with BRI in order to handle the following.

1) Meeting with you to fully understand, design, and execute your project.

2) Finding the best contractor candidate to complete your projects.

3) Vetting and contracting the candidate.

4) Scheduling the contractor to do the work.

5) Ensuring the permit process is completed and up to code.

6) We monitor the work of the contractor

7) We will communicate with the contractor during the work, on your behalf.

8) We manage your project from start to successful completion.

Picture on a Porch install with a client in Greensburg, PA 15601
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