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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Will a New Deck Cost?

Deck pricing is determined by numerous factors. Some factors involved are how far above ground level the deck will be, if there are any special features (cuts/designs), how much digging is necessary, and what type of material you use (composite/wood). These are just a few examples. To go along with these examples, all contractors charge different amounts so it is best to get a few quotes rather than gauge a price online.

How Long Will a New Deck Last?

Pressure treated wood decks last on average around 10-15 years depending on how well they are maintained, while composites last around 25-30 years. All decks are built with pressure treated wood support that will eventually need replaced so it is important to take every step in protecting your deck. Bocan Residential Improvements takes an extra step when building your deck by applying joist tape on top of the joist. From our experiences visiting old decks that customers ask us to tear down, the top of the joist is an area that rots more than others (due to screw or nails digging in, creating an avenue for water). The first signs of rot in a deck are normally along the railing and deck boards.

Do I Need a Permit For My New Deck/Fence?

When pondering whether you need a permit for a new deck/fence build or not, it is best to check with your local municipality. If they tell you a new permit is required, it is best to cooperate with the office. Permits protect you the homeowner to ensure that your deck/fence is being built correctly and that the contractor you hired is providing a professional level service. Permitted work helps sell your house and any future insurance needs involving the deck/fence.

Should I Purchase Treated Lumber or Composite Decking?

The first question that you will need to answer is what fits your budget. Bocan Residential Improvements builds both wood and composite decks. Wood is the more affordable option but it does require yearly maintenance. Composite supplies are more costly, however they offer no maintenance and often come with factory guarantees. If you want a deck that will last and it fits your budget, composite may be the suitable option for you. Regardless of the deck material you choose, Bocan Residential Improvements takes extra steps to make sure your deck will stay strong for as long as possible.

Who Will Be Building My Deck or Fence?

Some businesses you meet with will have a crew install your deck that you may possibly have never met, and they may not know every detail you have expressed to the owners. We, the owners, at Bocan Residential Improvements work with you from beginning to end. The owners of BRI will be the ones speaking with you in the beginning of the process, building your deck on-site, and handling all of the paperwork.

Should I Purchase Vinyl or Wood Fencing?

The first question you will need to answer here is, what fits my budget? If vinyl fencing is in your budget, it is a beautiful look, but it damages easily. It also leaves space near the bottom of the fence so if you have a backyard that isn't level this fence may not be for you, especially if you have dogs. However, if your vinyl fence is strictly for privacy reasons, this may be what suits you best. If you have dogs, Bocan Residential Improvements suggest you go with a wooden fence. We can install each picket individually so that we can match any slope you may have on your property.

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