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What separates Bocan Residential Improvements LLC's decks from other deck builders?

From the moment you contact BRI, you are working with the owners, and that continues every step of the way throughout the process of your deck project.  Why wouldn’t you want the same people building your deck as the ones who tell you how much your project will cost and go over every little detail you want?  You are putting thousands of dollars into your project; we feel that you deserve our best.  When it comes to deck work, it’s all about trusting the people you hired to perform the work correctly, and to the level and quality discussed.   Would you rather have people doing the work that you already met and trust - or - have a business send you a crew of workers whom you may have not met or spoken to?  In the end, with BRI, you are having every bit of the process, from A to Z, handled by the owners, who are the master craftsmen and deck project managers. 

Trex Stairs and Deck view from pad with Deckorators railing built by Bocan Residential Imp
Brown Customized Composite Deck Stairs
Low Voltage Lighting Composite Deck Build In Jeanette PA built by Bocan Residential Improv

Let’s talk about our level of work.  BRI builds solid, lasting decks to the highest quality that you will find in our region.  What makes that statement true is how we build them.  Our deck support consists of 6x6 posts that are set into three feet of concrete.  The post has rebar running through it that secures the post into the concrete.  The 6x6 posts are then connected with galvanized bolts to two cross beams (supporting the joists).  The cross beams consist of two 2” (2”x8” to 2”x12” - dependent on the size of the structure) pieces of lumber, which fit into L cuts at the top of the 6”x6” posts.  We then use (2) ½” hex head bolts through the beams into each post to lock the beam in place.  When BRI installs a ledger board, we use bolts and lateral tension connectors (these tie together the outer joist, the ledger board, the band joist, and an interior joist).  After the support is up, we build your frame.  Your frame will be tied to the support with hurricane ties, exterior structural screws, heavy duty corner brackets, and joist hangers.  Lastly, BRI uses flashing tape atop the ledger board, and joist tape atop each joist.  The joist tape is not widely used by most deck companies, however, BRI now uses this joist tape atop all joists to help reduce the deterioration and rotting that routinely happens to deck joists over time, regardless of whether you have composite or wood decking. 

Deck Joist Tape applied to a deck in Jeannette, PA 15634 by Bocan Residential Improvements

BRI takes great pride in our results.  And while we let results speak for themselves…check out our reviews here, yes - all 5 stars.  Now we don’t just value our work, we value every conversation with every customer, as evidenced in our reviews.  Okay, level of work.  BRI completes every deck project consistent with standards outlined within the international residential code book.  So, when you pick us, you pick the owners who know the building codes, because we care about the safety of the deck project you are paying for.  We make it our duty to build the most solid, safe, and beautiful structure for you.  Afterall, what is a beautiful deck if it’s not structurally sound?  Trust us when we say we have heard plenty of horror stories of people paying for faulty work.   

Well let’s talk about permits.  Permits can be expensive, but when necessary, they protect the homeowner relative to what your insurer will expect and relative to the value of your home after the home improvement project is completed.  Permits ensure that the project is done correctly and to the standards outlined in the building codes and within your municipality.  Not only does it ensure your project is built correctly, it also tells the future home buyer of your house that the work was done correctly.  So is your permit office the same as everyone else’s? Well the answer to that is no.  Some municipalities permit requirements are better than others.   However, when you hire us, we strictly use the best code practices either way (UCC).  

Now let's get into the process of your deck project.  So, we talked about the beginning process.  We will come out to talk about your project with you, and we will send you the quote with the specific details you desire to build your custom deck.  Once the quote is accepted, we will send you our professional, attorney approved contract, which includes the details needed to be an official contract.  After sending the agreement,  we (the owners) will come out and handle your work.  

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