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Looking for A Premium, Lasting, Master-Craft Deck in Westmoreland County?

Updated: Feb 24

You've come to the right place. We are going to walk you through why Bocan Residential Improvements LLC is the right deck builder for you (serving Westmoreland and limited areas of Allegheny County).

Starting with the main reason BRI is right for you would be that our ownership is present every step of the way, followed with an excellent project manager who has a degree in social work from Seton Hill and is continuing his education. Tucker and Trent Bocan co-own BRI and Emmanuel Lebbie is our lead project manager.

From the moment you reach out to BRI, you are communicating with Tucker over the phone, you will see Tucker and/or Trent come to your residence to collect the details of the job, Tucker and Trent will build your quote, Tucker and Trent will apply for applicable permits, and Tucker, Trent, and/or Manny will always be on site of your project.

BRI continues our business-wide educational growth in our field of work by researching and studying changes to code, reading books based upon building, watching videos from the top builders in the world, and taking courses in person. Our goal is to be the best deck builder in the surrounding area (which we already view ourselves as), provide clients with a beautiful place to relax, and build a strong foundation for our crew of Independent Contractors to thrive in.

25 (5-Star) Reviews, No reviews under 5-Stars

Why do we have such a good standing with clients? We believe it is because of our communication and our level of work. You can take a look for yourself what people have to say about BRI here.

BRI always keeps a professional relationship with the client. Our communication is respectful, quick, professional, and we always get back to you. We hear so often how difficult it is for people attempting to reach other contractors and we make it of utmost importance to ensure you are answered by our team.

Bocan Residential Improvements 25th 5-star review for building a deck in Monroeville PA
Our 25th 5-Star Review

Precise Craftmanship

Strong, Lasting, Decks

Bocan Residential Improvements LLC would love the opportunity to work with you and install your new premium deck project in Westmoreland County. BRI also offers a multitude of other services if you view our site. You can fill out a quote form by scrolling to the bottom of the home page here, or you can call us at 412-378-3536 to get in touch regarding your project.

Thank you for reading, we hope to hear from you.

Author: Tucker Bocan


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