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How to Build Composite Stairs

Updated: Feb 24

We at Bocan Residential Improvements LLC have mastered the art of stringers and composite stair builds. Within this blog, we are going to offer some free pointers on creating beautiful composite stairs that you will enjoy on a daily basis. While there are a few unique ways to building composite stairs, this is the way we install ours.

  1. Step 1: Collecting your supplies.

  2. Step 2: Measuring off your stringers and where they will rest.

  3. Step 3: Cut your stringers.

  4. Step 4: Install your stringers.

  5. Step 5: Trace and cut your Fascia boards.

  6. Step 6: Installing your Decking.

  7. Step 7: Installing your Fascia.

  8. Step 8: Railing (not explained in this blog)



Collecting Your Supplies

Your exact supplies will depend on your project, what materials you are using, and whether or not you have a pad for your steps. This blog is written with the intent of a pad being excluded. For composite step installation you will (6) 2"x12" pressure treated wood boards at the desired length for your stairs. You will need 4x4 for your base support of the steps and 6x6 for your middle support of the stringers if you have a long span b/w the top and bottom support. Anywhere that posts are placed into the ground you will need concrete. Anywhere the stringers are tying into your deck you will need brackets (joist hangers and heavy-duty corner brackets. When building anything you will need to grab screws and these screws will have to be coated for exterior usage. When tying into support post you will need to use 1/2" galvanized hex head through bolts with washers and nuts. You will want to use screws in accordance with your local permit guidelines. Lastly you will need Fascia boards for each outer side of the steps and decking to be placed on your stringers as well as composite screws.

Measuring Your Stringers and the Desired Location

Cut Your Stringers

Install Your Stringers

Trace and Cut Your Fascia Boards

Installing Your Decking

Installing Your Fascia


Author: Tucker Bocan

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