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Flake Flooring Bathroom offered by Bocan Residential Improvements in Greensburg, PA

Your Westmoreland County Vinyl Chip Flooring Professionals 

Vinyl Chip FLooring, commonly known as "flake" flooring, is a very durable floor that is mostly known for its garage floor installations.  Other installation areas include cafeterias, hallways, restrooms, patios, pool decks (on concrete), and more. With that being said, we can install your flake flooring wherever you would like.  Please visit some color options below to get an idea on what the flooring looks like. (not all colors are included in the slides, chips may appear larger in pictures)

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Below are sample colors of the vinyl chip system

Flake Flooring Bathroom
Flake Flooring Hallway
Grey, Black, White Flake Flooring
Blue, Black, and White Flake Flooring
Brown Flake flooring

Below is a more accurate visual of how the flake flooring appears

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