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Wood and Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl Fence Install in Irwin, PA 15642 by Bocan Residential Improvements

When looking for a fence you have a few things to consider.  All fences take some kind of maintenance… yes even vinyl.  While vinyl looks the best, it may not be the option that fits you best.  Vinyl still needs to be cleaned every year and is the weaker version between wood and itself.  If you have a smaller dog chances are it will also escape a vinyl fence because you can not build with the slope, resulting in gaps in some areas.  The advantage of vinyl is that you do not need to seal it and power wash it and to some people it looks the best aesthetically.  Wood works better with small animals because it can be built with the slope and is the stronger of the two.  Also, if properly treated and maintained a wooden fence can be a very beautiful compliment to a yard.  


No matter which direction you go, Bocan Residential Improvements (BRI) will build your fence to the municipality’s requirements.  We will apply for any permit that may be needed and we will provide top of the line work.  BRI will use a string line to provide a straight line for your fence and BRI will dig holes three feet into the ground for your post.  Your post will then be placed into these holes and will be surrounded by concrete ensuring that you have a strong build.   This is more important than you may think as some companies think it's okay to pass on concrete or use very little of it.  When companies do this, it results in you paying another company like us to correct their mistakes and it costs you the client valuable money, supplies, stress, and time.  

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